18FS Single & 18FD Dual Wave Solder Ovens
18FS Single & 18FD Dual Wave Solder Ovens

Automatic wave solder system with self-contained fluxing, preheating and laminar (smooth) solder wave modules.

  • Automatic wave solder system
  • Best value through cutting-edge technology
  • Ready-to-go fluxing, preheating and wave modules
  • Quick ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Exceptional accuracy and repeatability
  • Lead or Lead-Free solder compatibility
  • Easy to use
  • Low maintenance
  • Titanium Finger Conveying System
  • Single(18FS) or dual (18FD) wave capability

Wave Width: 18″ (460mm)
Max Wave Height: 0-3/8″/0-10mm
Solder Pot Capacity: 1000 lbs (450 kg)
Solder Pot Power: 7.5 kW
Max Conveyor Speed: 8 ft/min (2.5 m/min)
Foam Fluxer Tank: 1.5 gal (6 ltr)
Compressed Air: 10 CFM @ 60 PSI (17 m3/hr @ 4 bar)
Approx Warm-up Time: 120 minutes
Max Preheat 1 Temp: 356 °F (180°C)
Preheat 1 Power: 4.8 kW
Max Preheat 3 Temp: 428°F (220°C)
Preheat 2 Power: N/A
Preheat 3 Power: 2.0 kW

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