Advanced Technologies Silicones


NuSil offers space grade silicones in two lines: Low Outgassing (CV), which meets or exceeds the ≤ 1% TML and ≤ 0.1% CVCM requirements of ASTM E595, and Ultra Low OutgassingTM (SCV), which exceeds those requirements by an order of magnitude (≤ 0.1% TMLs and ≤ 0.01% CVCM).


NuSil’s silicones for defense include a variety of offerings, such as fuel resistance or incorporation of proprietary fillers. They can also color match to federal standards and deliver in innovative form factors.

Commercial Aviation

Their commercial aviation portfolio of silicones includes coatings, paints and adhesives for exteriors and potting compounds, encapsulants and fast-curing silicones for interior avionics.


NuSil’s silicones for optoelectronics deliver the most comprehensive line of refractive index-matching adhesives, encapsulants and thermosets available.


NuSil provides off-the-shelf high-purity silicone polymers and the essential building blocks formulators need to address their unique requirements. NuSil also offers an extensive line of encapsulants, adhesives and greases to choose from, including thermally and electrically conductive silicones for Thermal Interface Materials (TIM) or for EMI and RFI shielding applications.

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