Aquanox A4651US – Low pH Ultrasonic Immersion Cleaner
Aquanox A4651US – Low pH Ultrasonic Immersion Cleaner

Aquanox A4651US is a low pH aqueous cleaning solution designed exclusively for use in ultrasonic immersion cleaning systems. Aquanox A4651US will provide brilliant solder joints with no sump side additives and cleans exceptionally well on the latest flux formulations in electronic assemblies.

Aquanox A4651US is a batch cleaning product specifically designed to remove flux residues from printed circuit assemblies while reducing the cavitation threshold. The engineered cleaning solution creates a strong affinity for post soldering flux residues using a combination of water loving and oil loving properties. The low surface tension and recommended operating temperature range (50-65°C) creates lower ultrasonic pressure amplitudes needed to achieve uniform cavitation.

Aquanox A4651US is effective at cleaning most lead-free and tin-lead no-clean, rosin-based, and water-soluble reflowed flux residues on production assemblies. Dependent on the flux type, Aquanox A4651US can be used “as is” or diluted. For most applications, A4651US is run at dilution rates in water of 15-30% concentration. Wash time is a function of wash temperature and ultrasonic cavitation.


Selecting the proper frequency for a particular application is critical. As components decrease in size, higher frequency levels provide milder scrubbing intensity and less potential for part damage. Sweep frequency changes the speed and magnitude of energy by allowing energy bursts along with soak periods. The combined effects allows for both chemical and mechanical energies needed to remove residues under bottom termination components. These effects improve cleaning performance on highly dense assemblies.

Aquanox A4651US is engineered with a mixture of oxygenated and polar organic reactive solvents. Functional additives are added to protect metallic surfaces from chemical attack, surface tension reduction to improve wetting and penetration under low gap components, and reduce foam propagation. The features engineered into A4651US make for a highly effective ultrasonic cleaning product. The product is low in odor and contains no hazardous materials. The product has a wide material compatibility window on printed circuit boards, components, labels and metallic surfaces.

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