Drug Delivery

NuSil’s Drug Delivery line is ideal for customers seeking to incorporate drugs into silicone, particularly those who need targeted problem solving and concept-to-commercial support along the way.
Contact Tech Knowledge to learn more about silicone based drug delivery solutions.

Medical Implants

NuSil’s signature Medical Implant line offers a complete range of silicones designed specifically for long-term implant in the body. They are considered “unrestricted,” meaning they can be in the body for any length of time. This line comes fully supported with Master Access Files.

General Healthcare

NuSil offers medical grade silicones for the General Healthcare industry in two lines. Our Premium Care line is for applications that may require customization, specialized packaging and/or a higher level of regulatory support. The Class VI line delivers cost efficiencies, standard packaging and testing necessary for high-volume applications. Both lines are “restricted,” meaning they cannot be in the body for more than 29 days.

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