Cybersolv 141-R – Precision Solvent Bench-Top Cleaner
Cybersolv 141-R – Precision Solvent Bench-Top Cleaner

Cybersolv® 141-R is a precision cleaner blend of organic solvents that is safe and ready to use for bench-top electronics cleaning. Cybersolv 141-R is effective on a wide variety of soils typically found in electronic assembly and maintenance cleaning applications.

Cybersolv 141-R is a non-flammable solvent-based benchtop cleaning fluid designed to remove rosin, resin, and synthetic polymeric flux residues from electronic circuitry. The mixture of solvents that make up this cleaning fluid are based on the ability to dissolve rosin and low residue flux residues, vapor pressure, stability, and low toxicity. Cybersolv 141-R dissolves the contaminant and then readily evaporates after the cleaning application.


Cybersolv 141-R is designed for bench-top cleaning needs. The product is excellent for spot cleaning and is commonly used to clean solder joints following hand soldering. Cybersolv 141-R has a very low surface tension and can be used to clean narrow traces and under some component gaps. The product is ideally suited for cleaning through-hole and SMT electronic assemblies, connectors, cables and hybrid circuits.

The solvents used in Cybersolv 141-R are non-polar but possess properties for dissolving flux residues. The solvent composition creates a weak intermolecular force arising from polarized multi-poles present in the solvent blend. These forces induce a dipole-dipole intermolecular interaction that facilitates the rapid dissolution of rosin and resin structures.

The solvents used in Cybersolv 141-R contain mild and low toxicity fluorinated hydrocarbons in combination with organic covalently bonded chlorinated compounds. The solvents that make up Cybersolv 141-R are low in toxicity, low in global warming potential and non-ozone depleting. It contains no CFCs or HAPs.

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