Cybersolv C8882 – Understencil Wipe / Stencil Cleaning
Cybersolv C8882 – Understencil Wipe / Stencil Cleaning

Cybersolv® C8882 is a fast-acting stencil cleaning solvent designed for the understencil wipe process. Cybersolv C8882 instantly dissolves all flux types within the solder paste, including water soluble, rosin and low residue no-clean fluxes.

Cybersolv C8882 is a solvent-based stencil cleaning fluid specifically designed to clean wet solder paste, SMT adhesive and flux residue from stencils (conventional and plastic pump), mis-printed PCBs, wave soldering pallets and tools, fixtures and squeegees. Cybersolv C8882 dissolves the flux vehicle, which allows solder balls to release from the stencil during the stencil printer wipe sequence. Cybersolv C8882 has a flash point over 60°C and evaporates cleanly from the stencil.


Cybersolv C8882 is effective for use within the following stencil cleaning processes:

  • Understencil Wipe Cleaning – Solvates the flux resin compositions within uncured solder pastes. Effectively cleans and removes solder paste that has a tendency to stick to the aperture walls and bottom of the stencil. Following the wipe process, a dry wipe and vacuum process rapidly dry the stencil following the cleaning process.
  • Hand-wipe, Immersion Stencil and Pallet Cleaning – The selection of solvents used in Cybersolv C8882 effectively remove polar and non-polar soils. Cybersolv C8882 can be used to hand-wipe a stencil following the printing process.
  • Semi-Manual Ultrasonic Stencil Cleaning Systems – Cybersolv C8882 is an effective cleaning agent for use with the GEN3 and SAWA ultrasonic absorption mat stencil cleaning systems.
  • Solvent Stencil Cleaning Spray Systems – Cybersolv C8882 is designed to run in solvent spray-under- immersion and spray-in-air cleaning machines that were commonly designed to clean with IPA. Cybersolv C8882 effectively washes and rinses the stencil.

For optimal stencil cleaning performance, Cybersolv C8882 should be processed “as is” at 100% concentration at ambient temperatures. Cybersolv C8882 wets and rapidly dissolves the flux that holds the solder spheres into a paste. Upon dissolution of the flux, solder balls release from the apertures and drop to the bottom of the cleaning tank. In well-designed stencil cleaning equipment, the solder balls are caught in recirculation filters, greatly extending bath life.

Cybersolv C8882 has no ozone depleting or global warming potential and is non-hazardous. Furthermore, this product does not contain substances prohibited by EU Directive 2011/65/EU, Restriction of Hazardous Substance Directive (RoHS). Please reference the Cybersolv C8882 Safety Data Sheet for other safety and/or performance considerations.

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