Electrical Test (Curve Trace)
Electrical Test (Curve Trace)

What is the Electrical test?

Electrical test is an IC Test to check the electrical parameters of every pin to pin e.g. current, voltage, diode resistivity, and silicon connectivity.
This is a very strong tool which allows us to detect whether a component is defective or not.

Normal defects that can be found using this tool are:

  • Internal physical damage caused by heat etc.
  • Electrical overstress of components
  • ESD Damage to components


Electrical component testing can also be used for recovered components to confirm they are still in good working condition.
Retronix have recently invested in upgrading our Curve Trace capabilities, a form of IC Test.
Electrical Testing comes in 2 variants: UNPOWERED and POWERED.


This IC test does not add any stimulus to an electronic component, effectively the device is not switched on. This still allows detection of most of the defects mentioned above. Unpowered electrical testing is normally relatively quick and is excellent for using a known good device for comparison functions.


Powered testing is a more in depth version of Unpowered testing. We can now apply up to 4 voltages to an electrical component and place it into an active mode, testing each pin of the device accordingly. We also have the opportunity to send signals into each device to replicate certain operating conditions. This electronic component test is a very powerful anti-counterfeit tool, and it is equally effective testing for genuine but faulty ICs.

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