Electrically and Thermally Conductive Adhesives

Epoxy Technology (Epotek) offers a full range of electrically and thermally conductive epoxy adhesives (ECA). Their extensive product line allows users to easily select the optimal adhesive for their specific application; based on the best combination of physical, electrical and mechanical characteristics.

1. Room Temperature Curing

  • Epo-Tek EJ2189 – Most robust, Room Temperature formulation with superior adhesion
  • Epo-Tek EJ2189-LV Lower viscosity version of EJ2189

2. Highest Thermal Conductivity/Low Volume Resistivity Innovative

“Next Generation” ECA’s with unsurpassed performance & exceptional thermal management

  • Epo-Tek EK1000 – Single component with superior thermal conductivity
  • Epo-Tek EK2000 – Two component version of EK1000
  • Epo-Tek K1000-1 – Extended working time version of EK1000

3. Low Stress/Flexabile

  • Epo-Tek EJ2108 – Medium viscosity, thixotropic paste with low modulus and low temp curable (80°C) Epo-Tek EV2118-2 – Low viscosity, high thixotropy & strength, shiny silver paste with long pot life (3 days)

4. Well Known “Industry Standard” ECA Products

  • Epo-Tek H20E – Proven reliability for 40+ years, ISO 10993 compliant
  • Epo-Tek H20E-PFC – Optimal rheology for screen/stencil printing
  • Epo-Tek H20S – Smooth consistency, designed for die stamping & dispensing
  • Epo-Tek H20E-D/H20S-D/H20E-PFC-D – Single component versions with enhanced dispensability


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