GF-125 HC/HT: Automatic Solder Reflow Oven
Automatic Solder Reflow Oven
GF-125 HC/HT: Automatic Solder Reflow Oven

Convection reflow oven for PCBs with 5 zones on top and five bottom vertical heating zones, the NEW GF-125 HC/HT is an economic solution for automatic medium volume production runs. Utilizing horizontal convection heating technology, the GF-125 HC/HT provides uniform temperature profiling across the entire PCB board for enhanced SMT process control. With temperatures up to 400°C, the GF-125 horizontal convection reflow oven is capable of lead-free soldering.

The GF-12/120/125 series heating profiles are superior to other ovens in their class. Each of the vertical heating
zones is programmable through the controller which stores up to 100 profiles. The oven includes a real-time temperature
profiler port. When a thermocouple is attached to the PC board, the actual board level temperature profile is displayed graphically as the board travels through the oven. The conveyor speed, heating elements, cyclonic generators
and cooling fans are all programmable so the unit is ideal for high-mix pcb manufacturing runs. The oven also features SPC fault monitoring & reporting, battery backup and a 7 day timer for automatic machine start-up.

  • 5 vertical heating zones plus 1 cooling zone
  • Integrated enclosed stand with 12″ wide mesh conveyor
  • Stainless steel conveyor and chambers
  • Clamshell hood design with Easy Lift
  • Viewing window with lighted interior
  • Real time graphic temperature profiler to assist in profiling of board
  • On-board LCD controller for easy and flexible programming control
  • Status light tower option
  • Reflow oven is Lead and Lead-free compatible
  • PLUS, DDM is a true reflow oven manufacturer, customizing systems and still selling parts for 30-year-old units – not just a reseller.

Max board width: 12″ (304 mm)
Max board height: 1.375″ (35mm)
Heating zones: 5 top, 5 bottom
Max temperature: 400°C (752°F)
Heat tunnel length: 56″ (1423 mm)
CyclonicsTM (forced air): Ten (10)
Conveyor extensions: Yes
Cooling station(s): One (1)
Venting: Two (2) 102mm (4″) dia. Flanges
Cooling Zone Venting: Two (2)
Nitrogen option: Option
PC Interface: Option
Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 84″ (2133mm) x 33″ (813mm) x 49″ (1245mm)

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