GF-12HT Benchtop Reflow Oven
GF-12HT Benchtop Reflow Oven

Reflow oven utilizing our 100% patented forced air Horizontal Convection™ Heating technology provides for greater thermal uniformity and process control. The GF-12HT is lead free compatible for RoHS compliant soldering and has an option for a computer control interface. The temperature profiling accessory kit includes all the accessories you need to profile PC boards through your reflow oven. It is compatible with any ovens or profiling systems which use standard K-type thermocouples. With all the options combined with the low benchtop reflow oven price, it is perfect for lab use or backup prototype production .

With this model there is an option to have a nitrgoen reflow oven with the nitrogen gas inerting feature. With the isolated chamber design (recirculation of atmosphere within three reflow zones) low oxygen levels are maintained while conserving nitrogen consumption. The advatages are: decreased wetting angle, increased flux efficiency, enhanced fine pitch solder fillets, and improved surface finish of solder joints.

  • 100 menu profile storage
  • Lead-free solder reflow capable with max. 350°C temperature
  • System will handle board sizes up to 12″ (305mm) width
  • Real time graphic temperature profiler to assist in profiling of board
  • 26″ (660mm) long heating tunnel
  • Nitrogen gas inerting option available
  • Compatible with Lead and Lead-free reflow applications

Max board width: 12″ (305mm)
Max board height: 1.375″ (35mm)
Heating zones: 3 zones top, 3 bottom
Max temperature: 350°C (662°F)
Heat tunnel length: 26″ (660mm)
CyclonicsTM (forced air): Six (6)
Conveyor extensions: Option
Cooling station(s): One (1)
Venting: 4″ flange, 100 CFM max.
Cooling Zone Venting: N/A
Nitrogen option: Yes
PC Interface: Optional
Overall dimensions (L x W x H): 39″ x 32″ x 19″H (990mm x 813mm x 483mm)

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