Industrial Smartpress™ Presses – Programmable Load Control for Common Applications
Industrial Smartpress™ Presses – Programmable Load Control for Common Applications

American built from high quality components, these economical, programmable, electrically operated servo presses technology are designed for critical assembly applications that can’t be done with air or hydraulic presses. Shipped “Ready-to-Run!” or contact us for customizing.

Features BP-500E-60 BP-600E-200 BP-700E-600
Program force from .5 to 60kgf 66 to 203kgf 110 to 611kgf
Stroke length 4″ same same same
Male threaded rod M 14 x 1.5mm M 20 – 1.5 same
Internal height adjustment 11″ typical 15″ typical 15″ typical
Base with keyway and two bolts for tool mounting 8″x6″ 12″x10″ 12″x10″
Two-hand non-contact safety controls same same same
Positioning accuracy of +/- .004″ (.01mm). Closed loop servo motor amplified same 102mm 102mm
The max speed on the Smart Press™ is 100mm per second same 150mm 150mm
Control force to a tolerance of +/- 10% of target point same ** **
Program and operate with user friendly software, NO SPC same Yes Yes
Store up to 15 programs. Program counter, repeat and loop capabilities same Yes Yes
Measurements 11″x11″x27″ 15″x20″x47″ 15″x20″x47″
Weight 40 lbs 160 lbs 170 lbs
Made in U.S.A.

** Not Published but 2-3″ TYPICAL / REF



Integrated heated tool option

Case History Custom Servopress with heater plates

Electrical timing circuit as shown on the BP-500 Series to control downward dwell time from less than 1 second to 500 hours.

Timer for controlling ram stroke position for 1 second to 500 hours.

Safety Lock-Out Enclosure

Optional Press ergonomic risers, available in any height

Teaching Pendant

Application Notes


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