IONOX® I3955 – Vapor Cleaning Solvent for Electronics
IONOX® I3955 – Vapor Cleaning Solvent for Electronics

IONOX® I3955 is a precision vapor cleaning solvent designed as a drop in replacement for modern era vapor degreasing equipment.

IONOX® I3955 is effective in removing no clean and rosin flux residues from electronic assemblies including low stand-offs and micro-BGA’s. IONOX® I3955 is a formulated bromide (nPB) vapor cleaning solvent containing activators and inhibitors to improve its compatibility over traditional nPB products and enhance its ability to remove ionic contamination. IONOX® I3955 has a proven compatibility range with all materials commonly used in electronic assembly manufacturing and cleaning processes including metals, plastics, glass and ceramics.


  • Effectively Removes Rosin FluxResidues
  • Unique Stabilizer Package That AllowsFor Long Bath Life
  • Low Ozone Depletion
  • Suitable Replacement for TCE/TCA
  • Superior Performance

Typical Processes:

Used as received, recommended for use in modern vapor degreasing technology with double coil refrigeration that minimizes loss and exposure. Note: This product should not be used as a wipe or manual benchtop cleaner.

Head-Tech offers a turn-key solution for the cleaning process, including materials, process, and equipment. Contact us for the product bulletin and Safety Data Sheet.

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