Lead to Lead-Free Alloy Conversion
Lead to Lead-Free Alloy Conversion

Why Convert Lead ICs to Lead Free?

Due to health and safety issues the industry moved from lead solder to lead free, most high volume commercial industries and component manufacturers moved to lead free. If obsolete and hard to find components are procured; they may be in lead format.

Retronix has the only process in the world that converts lead to lead free safely, i.e. without any reflow cycles that could damage the IC by exposing it to more reflows than are recommended.

How is this done?


  • Lead free spheres are removed by an air knife in an automated process – no reflow or abrasion to damage the resist or pads
  • New spheres are attached by laser – no reflow
  • Retronix also have auto clean, AOI inspection for mechanical properties, and electrical test to verify the process.


For Leaded Devices (QFP etc.):

Our automated process, converts the solder on the leads in a safe, repeatable and controlled way conforming to all GEIA standards.

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