Metalnox M6324R – Heavy-Duty Aqueous Alkaline Metal Parts Cleaner
Heavy-Duty Aqueous Alkaline Metal Parts Cleaner
Metalnox M6324R – Heavy-Duty Aqueous Alkaline Metal Parts Cleaner

Metalnox® M6324R is a high alkaline, aqueous metal parts cleaner specially designed for heavy-duty cleaning of oils, greases, oxides and carbon. M6324R is effective in high speed stamping and deep draw applications.

Metalnox M6324R is a high alkaline aqueous cleaning chemistry which is excellent for both spray and immersion metal parts cleaning processes. Metalnox M6324R is formulated with the addition of surfactants that enable faster processing speeds for cleaning metal parts and effectively removes water-insoluble oils, heavy grease, deep draw stamping compounds, and other difficult soils, including burned on carbon. Metalnox M6324R finds extensive use in high speed stamping operations where wash exposure time is short. Metalnox M6324R is non-emulsifying or oil splitting. Once water-insoluble oil is removed from the part surface, the oil is released from solution so it can then be removed using a skimmer and/or coalescer. This oil-splitting technology allows for a longer bath life and a lower steady-state bath soil load, thus providing cleaner parts in a cost-effective metal parts cleaning operation.

Metalnox M6324R is a heavy-duty metal parts cleaner designed for exceptionally difficult metal parts cleaning applications. One example is re-manufacturing, where Metalnox M6324R is used to remove grease, rust and paint from parts returned from field service. This product is also used when demanding particulate levels are required, as typically measured by Millipore analysis. The aggressiveness of Metalnox M6324R does not lend itself to cleaning aluminum, copper and brass parts.

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