Neptun – efficient and flexible
Neptun – efficient and flexible

Spray cleaning of parts with aqueous cleaning media

The individually tailored nozzle system to a wide range of parts – combined with freely programmable movements and cleaning programs – allows the usage in different areas. This high flexibility allows to accomplish diverse cleaning tasks.

Intermediate or final cleaning of components in manufacturing plants, or the cleaning of repair parts in the maintenance describes some of the universal possibilities of this system. The components are cleaned as bulk goods or as a set item in market or customer-specific boxes, baskets or on pallets.

The drying is performed with hot air. To reduce heat loss to a minimum, the containers and pipes of Neptun are completely isolated. In the Neptun all conventional, sprayable cleaners can be used. The final determination oft he right cleaner can be done in each individual case at the cleaning trials in our competence center.



  • Separate pump cycles for washing and rinsing
  • Large spraying volume
  • Individually adjusted nozzle system for efficient cleaning and drying
  • Control via user-friendly PLC
  • Different bath care systems (e.g. de-oiling) integrable
  • Full-flow filtration


  • Application: Suppliers, cutting/non-cutting manufacturing
  • Suitability: Mass- or single items – average cleanliness requirement
  • Box size/Output: max. 660 x 480 x 300 mm, max. 150 kg and up to 15 batches/h

Head-Tech offers a turn-key solution for the cleaning process, including materials, process, and equipment. Contact us for the product bulletin and Safety Data Sheet.

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