OM-347 – Fine Feature & Ultra-cleanable
Fine Feature & Ultra-cleanable
OM-347 – Fine Feature & Ultra-cleanable

designed as a cleanable, no-clean material. print and reflow with Type 4 and Type 5 powder to meet market segments requiring ultra-fine feature applications. tested to give excellent printing performance and the residue after reflow can be easily cleaned or removed with a broad range of cleaners.

outstanding reflow process window that delivers good soldering on CuOSP with excellent coalescence on a broad range of deposit sizes, excellent random solder ball and mid-chip solder ball resistance.


  • No-Clean & Ultra-Clean
  • Lead-Free, Zero-Halogen
  • Ultra-Fine Feature Printing & Reflow Capable
  • nPB Cleanable
  • ROM0
  • Designed for Type 4 (20-38µm) and Type 5 (10-25µm) powder


Key attributes are:

  • Long Stencil Life: engineered for consistent performance, reducing variations in print performance and paste dry-out
  • No-Clean & Ultra-Clean: OM-347 is a no-clean solder paste; residue resulted after the reflow process can be safely left on board. If needed, the residue can be very easy cleaned with a broad range of solvents including Alpha BC-3350 & nPB based cleaners.
  • HIP performance: very good HIP performance, comparable with OM-340
  • High Tack Force Life: ensures high pick-and-place yields, good self-alignment
  • Wide Reflow Profile Window: enables quality soldering of complex, high density PWB assemblies in an N2 environment, using high ramp rates and soak profiles as high as 170°C to 180°C. It can be reflowed in both air and N2
  • Excellent Coalescence and Wetting Performance: coalesces well for 180µm small circle deposit at low soak air environment
  • Excellent Solder Joint and Flux Residue Cosmetics: residue does not char or burn after reflow soldering, even when using long/high thermal soaking
  • Excellent Voiding Performance: Pass IPC7095 Class III requirement for BGA
  • Halogen Content: Halogen free
  • Safe and Environmentally Friendly: Materials comply with ROHS, TOSCA, EINECS and Halogen-free requirements
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