OM-5300 – Solder Paste
Solder Paste

ALPHA® OM-5300 no clean solder paste was developed to meet the demands of tin lead soldering when lead free components are present in the circuit assembly. Like all ALPHA solder pastes, OM-5300 has excellent print volume repeatability to minimize variation in the print process. OM-5300 minimizes print cycle times through high print speeds and extended number of prints between stencil under cleaning.

OM-5300 is different due to its ability to withstand long, hot soak reflow profiles, allowing better wetting of lead free surfaces with tin lead paste alloy. Very low BGA voiding, in conjunction with very high post reflow SIR readings make OM-5300 ideal for tin lead soldering when lead free components are used.

OM-5300 is also a zero-halogen product with no halogens intentionally added to the formulation.

Features & Benefits:

  • Print Consistency: Lower “deposit to deposit” variation drives maximization of first pass print and reflow yield
  • Fine Feature Capability: High print deposit volumes and low volume variability down to 12 mil (0.30mm) circle feature sizes.
  • Low BGA Voiding: Class III voiding resistance even when SAC 305 BGA speres are used.
  • Electrical Reliability: Exceeds the requirements of the IPC and Bellcore SIR electrical reliability tests.
  • Suitable for fine pitch applications such as 0.5 mm (20mil) pitch Flip-Chip and 0201 assembly
  • Excellent response to pause performance, generating fewer defects due to start up.
  • High print speed, up to 150 mm/sec (6 inch/sec)
  • Efficient activation system providing defect free soldering with a wide range of oven profiles
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