OM-550 – Non-Eutectic & Low-Temperature
Non-Eutectic & Low-Temperature
OM-550 – Non-Eutectic & Low-Temperature

Non-Eutectic & Low Temperature Solder Paste for Assemblies with Temperature Sensitive Substrates, Components & High Warpage Chips.

A new low temperature chemistry paired with the ALPHA® HRL1 alloy designed to exhibit improved drop shock and thermal cycling performance versus existing low temperature alloys. with the ability to reflow at lower temperatures therefore minimizing NWO and HIP defects in complex assemblies.

Revolutionizing Low Temperature soldering

  • High reliability, low-temp solder paste. The alloy in this paste has a melting point significantly lower than SAC305.
  • A minimum peak temp of only 185°C v 245°C reduces energy consumption in the SMT process.
  • Designed to increase production yield & reduce component warpage.

Improved Reliability v Low Temp Alloys

  • Joints formed with ALPHA® OM-550, HRL1 have improved mechanical reliability over other low temperature alloys.
  • Drop shock performance in mixed alloy joints increased by 100% compared to other SnBi alloys.
  • Thermal cycling reliability in mixed alloy joints improved by 20%.
  • HRL1 alloy shows best compatibility with SAC alloy versus other low temperature SnBi alloys.

ALPHA® OM-550 HRL1 Offers Many Benefits

  • Long Stencil Life: Tested up to 12 hours of continuous printing.
  • Good voiding on various packages: BGAs, MLFs, DPAK, LGAs.
  • Low temp reflow eliminates Head-in-Pillow & NWO defect.
  • Air & N2 reflow capable.
  • Compatible with SAC305 components!
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