Optical Adhesives

EPO-TEK 301 Family

The Epotek 301 Family of adhesives is clear and colorless. Available in a variety of related formulations for your specific application needs.

  • Room Temperature Curing*: Epo-Tek 301, Epo-Tek 301-2, Epo-Tek 301-2FL, Epo-Tek 301-2FL-T
  • Very Low Viscosity: Epo-Tek 301, Epo-Tek 301-2, Epo-Tek 301-2FL
  • Low Stress: Epo-Tek 301-2FL, Epo-Tek 301-2FL-T, Epo-Tek 302, Epo-Tek 305, Epo-Tek 310M-2
  • Long Pot Life: Epo-Tek 301-2 (8 hrs), Epo-Tek 301-2FL (10 hrs)
  • High Thixotropy: Epo-Tek 301-2FL-T

* Faster curing achieved at higher temperatures, see data sheets for alternate cure schedules

EPO-TEK 353ND Family

The Epo-Tek 353ND Family is one of Epoxy Technology’s most popular, well known adhesive product lines. Variations are most easily characterized by three distinct properties:

  • Long Pot Life: Epo-Tek 323LP (24 hrs), Epo-Tek 354 (3 days) & Epo-Tek 383ND (8 hrs)
  • High Tg Epo-Tek OD2002: (high strength, low modulus)
  • High Thixotropy: Epo-Tek 353ND-T

Optical/UV Hybrids of EPO-TEK 301 & EPO-TEK 353ND Family

Epoxy Technology has developed a unique line of specialty UV & Epoxy/UV Hybrid adhesives. For specific information on our Optical/UV Hybrids, see the UV Hybrid section.


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