R0 – Quality Cleaning in Miniature
R0 – Quality Cleaning in Miniature

System for efficient cleaning of components with all common solvents.

The R0 is designed for intermediate and final cleaning as well as the reliable achievement of technical cleanliness in the smallest parts. The space-saving design of the system allows the incorporation in rooms with door sizes from 1.000 x 2.000 mm.

The design of the R0 Series allows two models:

The to be loaded from the long side X model and the Y-model, which is loaded on the short side. The models use the same modules and components, and use the identical basic structure. The powerful integrated distillation unit, the cleaning medium is recycled continuously and is of the highest quality for the cleaning process available.

  • Application: Watches, jewelry, optics, other small parts
  • Suitability: Small parts with small volume – high technical cleanliness
  • Box size/-output: max. 380 x 220 x 200 mm, max. 50 kg and up to 12 batches / h

Head-Tech offers a turn-key solution for the cleaning process, including materials, process, and equipment. Contact us for the product bulletin and Safety Data Sheet.

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