ROTIMAT 1A/2 – simple, robust and versatile
for simple, robust and versatile
ROTIMAT 1A/2 – simple, robust and versatile

Turntable system for efficient spray cleaning of parts with aqueous cleaning media

The PERO turntable equipment type Rotimat 1A / 2 works with aqueous cleaning media. All tasks of the intermediate cleaning of parts in the manufacturing and in the repair area can be completed in time.

In the rotating turntable, the cleaning medium is sprayed with an ad-justable nozzle system of the components to be cleaned, that the entire surface of the workpieces is applied. Dirt, chips and cooling lubricants are thoroughly removed. The drying of the parts is carried out by sensible heat.



  • Simple, robust construction
  • Stainless steel containers and stainless steel spray systems
  • Optimal accessibility for loading from the front and from abov
  • Optimum accessibility for maintenance and repairs


  • Application: Suppliers, cutting / non-cutting manufacturing
  • Suitability: Mass- or single items – average cleanliness requirement
  • Box size: max. 1,000 mm turntable diameter, 650 mm usable height, max. 300 kg

Head-Tech offers a turn-key solution for the cleaning process, including materials, process, and equipment. Contact us for the product bulletin and Safety Data Sheet.

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