STAYDRY® H2- 3000 – High Hydrogen and moderate Moisture Getter
High Hydrogen and moderate Moisture Getter

STAYDRY® H2-3000 Hydrogen and Moisture Getter Patented Technology *



Hermetically sealed semiconductor devices containing Gallium Arsenide (GaAs), RF absorbers and utilizing industry gate metallization structures have been shown to leak out hydrogen in ambient as well as environmental conditioning, which will poison and shorten the life of the device. AAM manufactures and sells the hydrogen getter for the semiconductor industry, specifically designed for these types of devices. H2-3000 film is a unique getter, which employs an active hydrogen getter and desiccant for water absorption, dispersed in a flexible silicone polymer matrix. The high permeability of the polymer matrix to both hydrogen and moisture assures a rapid uptake of both gases. The getter operates through a reaction, which is irreversible for hydrogen. Therefore, there are no hazardous or problematic side effects, once absorbed gasses are trapped from harming the device.

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