Universal Racks
Universal Racks

Economical racks with ESD protection that require no adjustment for handling clinched, soldered or bare boards of almost any size. These universal racks are each slightly different in size, slot shape and design and some are available in a choice of materials

to meet a wide variety of handling applications. Standard Rack-Alls are molded in tough, reinforced, conductive material that meets Mil Spec #B-81705-B for static discharge.

Model RA-20 and RA-24 Rack-All

  • Our largest universal rack available in two sizes
  • 20 slots with easy to load angle, measures .125” W x .325” D
  • Rugged construction with heavy reinforcing ribs
  • Open carrying handles and drainage holes
  • Stackable when not in use
  • Tolerates 185°F

RA-18 Rack-All

Our least expensive rack in five different materials

  • Measures 5.5” x 18” with carrying handles
  • 25 slots with parallel sides measures .125” x .300″D on a .625” pitch


  • 25 slots hold boards on two contiguous edges
  • Vertically stackable
  • Drainage holes for use in degreasing

RA-14 Rack-All

  • Our largest slot measuring .180” W x .333” D on a .500” pitch
  • Molded in phenolic to tolerate 350°F, acids, solvents and alkalines
  • Undercut ends for carrying and drainage holes
  • Measures 6” x 14” and weighs 1.7 lbs.
  • Conductive (RA-14C) or nonconductive (RA-14)
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