WS-809- Stencil Life, Joint Cosmetics, Cleanability
Stencil Life, Joint Cosmetics, Cleanability

ALPHA® WS-809 is a SnPb, water-soluble which is designed for a broad range of SMT processes where aqueous post reflow cleaning is required.

ALPHA® WS-809 is formulated for both standard and fine feature pitch stencil printing, at print speeds between 1”/sec (25 mm/sec) and 6”/sec (150 mm/sec) with stencil thicknesses of 5 mil (0.125 mm) to 6 mil (0.15 mm), particularly when used in conjunction with ALPHA® Stencils. Blade pressures should be between 1 – 2 lbs/in (0.16 – 0.34 kg/cm), depending on the print speed. The higher the print speed employed, the higher the blade pressure that is required.

Features & Benefits:

  • Excellent volume transfer efficiency over broad range of environmental conditions
  • Fine-pitch printing with consistent shape and volume to 16 mil pitch QFP (63x10x5 mil deposits) and 15 mil circles (BGA225)
  • High throughput and yield with consistent print volumes at print speeds ranging from 1–6 inches/second
  • Exhibits resistance to slumping and drying at temperature up to 66–84°F (19-29°C) and relative humidity extremes (35%-65% RH)
  • Water cleanable after two paste reflow cycles
  • Excellent low voiding performance that exceeds IPC Class III requirement
  • Superior solder spread performance on Cu OSP
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