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For decades, Acton Technologies, represented by Tech Knowledge in Israel and India, has been at the leading edge of development in the unique surface chemistries of PTFE bonding. Meeting the challenging demands of customers, in conjunction with involvement in various university research projects, has allowed Acton to focus its intelligence and ingenuity on many fronts. Acton Technologies is a pioneer in developing the latest technologies for the surface modification of finished and semi-finished fluoropolymer components.

Etching is the process of changing the chemical and/or physical structure of material surfaces. These surfaces are etched to make them more amenable to processes like adhesion. In general, this process affects only the very top layer of a surface, often to a depth of only a few angstroms. Sodium-etching of fluoropolymers is a well-established and well-understood technology with more than forty years of successful bonding experience in many thousands of applications worldwide.

Meeting the challenging demands of our customers has allowed us to focus our intelligence and ingenuity on many fronts including FluoroEtch® sodium naphthalene and ModiFlon™ sodium ammonia etching processes at our ISO 9001/ISO 14001 certified facility.

We offer an array of fluoropolymer technologies and superior customer service. Our unmatched expertise and willingness to provide custom solutions has made us a leading supplier of high quality fluoropolymer films such as PTFE, FEP, ETFE, PVDF, ECTFE, PCTFE and more.


Contract Etching

For organizations that lack the time, space or expertise for in-house etching, Acton Technologies offers a complete line of batch and continuous contract etching services. Our proprietary techniques optimize the sodium etching process for custom applications, both small and large production runs and complimentary prototype development. These application-specific surface modification techniques (including secondary treatments) provide perfect adhesion for each bonding situation.

Acton guarantees a bondable surface, fast turnaround, ISO 9001/14001 certified reliability and in-budget pricing. We are experienced in etching all sizes, shapes and types of fluoropolymer products, tubes of all lengths and diameters, sheets, parts, electrical components, printed circuit boards and more. Closed-loop etching processes are completely environmentally responsible as solvents are recycled into other uses, the active ingredient (sodium) is consumed, and there is a very limited amount of solid waste disposal. We regularly monitor all systems and effluents and meet or exceed all USA and EU mandates for established air, water and solid waste management.


How to Decide

The classic “make / buy” decision is usually not too complex. In many cases, the situation can be assessed in terms of capabilities. Does your company really have the in-house ability to etch the fluoropolymer parts under consideration? If not, do you have the desire to develop the capability? Does the annual volume of parts warrant the investment in these resources?

Another consideration is the set of physical properties of the part. Sometimes it is not economically feasible to ship large volumes of material long distances in order to take advantage of a contract etching service. In certain of these cases, when proprietary processes are not involved, Acton Technologies may do a technology transfer to enable your company to do its own etching.

Let us help in the decision-making process. We can give you the benefit of our many years of etching experience and discuss alternate methods, shortcuts and QC protocols that you should consider. Send us an email message providing as much detail as possible and ask for a discussion with one of our engineers.

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