Japan Unix


Japan Unix provides a rich array of solution for manual and soldering automation. Established in 1974, and headquartered in Tokyo, Japan Unix soldering method applies iron tip, laser or ultrasonic principle. Customers flexibly choose from three ways; soldering module for own machines, soldering system integration or dedicated soldering robots.

Japan Unix offers Robotic soldering for every factory. Simple, yet high-performance. High-performance, yet low-cost. Three core modules for robotic soldering are all in set for any production types, inline, cell, index or else.

With over 1,000 verification experiments from all over the world every year, Japan Unix customizes the right soldering solution for each customer. Japan Unix operates the world’s only soldering research institute. Their soldering labs gather together the latest soldering machineries and a variety of soldering equipment. The lab develops the foundation and new methods of soldering technology with utilizing advanced analytical tools.

Head Tech is the official distributor of Japan Unix in Israel and provides a full cover and technical support for their product line.

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