PERO AG is an internationally recognized partner in many different industries such as automotive, aerospace, jewelry, watches, lighting, electrical and optical industries as well as many more. Renowned suppliers to the cutting and non-cutting manufacturing clean their components on systems of PERO.

As a pioneer in the industrial parts cleaning Peter Erbel founded the PERO in 1953. For more than 60 years PERO can maintain this position. Best motivated employees develop and build highly standardized cleaning systems for modern solvent and aqueous cleaning media exclusively in Germany – cleaning technology “Made in Germany”.

More than 200 employees ensure the highest technical standards, expert advice and a internationally-oriented, excellent service. A good prerequisite for the successful implementation of cleaning projects in manufacturing companies .

The standardized, advanced solutions of PERO degrease and clean bulk parts and single components as well as individually positioned manufacturing items. The demands on the technical cleanliness of components range from simple cleaning to defined cleanliness requirements according to VDA 19, or customized specification. Specialists identify the optimal solution for cleaning tasks by testing originally soiled parts in one of the PERO competence centers.

Customer benefits, best energy-efficiency, minimal consumption of cleaning and supply media and minimal emission levels are the basis for each customer project. PERO cleaning systems set high technical standards in industrial parts cleaning and served as a benchmark for environmental laws and Guidelines.

Head Tech is the official distributor of PERO in Israel and provides a full cover and technical support for their product line.

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