Transition Automation Inc.


Transition Automation, Inc. is the leading world supplier of long life Permalex metal squeegees. These squeegees are robust and highly refined to endure the rigors of SMT printing. Permalex squeegees bring an extended payback period to the end user, by reducing the frequency of machine downtime, and maintaining high quality paste printing across various assembly lines and throughout extended product cycles.

Transition Automation Inc. adds value to the electronics assembly process by enhancing the SMT printer with high quality and long-life innovations: Their Permalex Metal Edge Squeegees and Tooling Products are standardized high-quality enhancements.

The focus of Transition Automation Inc. is to develop products which significantly reduce idle manufacturing time, and lost product quality. Their enhancements at the early stage of SMT assembly create sizeable cost reductions for the customers’ manufacturing operations.

Head Tech is the official distributor of Transition Automation Inc. in Israel and provides a full cover and technical support for their product line.

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